About The Jeff Riley Team

The evolution of Real Estate

When we don't feel well we visit a General Practitioner. That person listens to our ailments and prescribes a remedy. When the circumstances begin to get complicated, most General Practitioners will refer us to Specialists, such as an Oncologist, Cardiologist, or Orthopedic Physician. General Practitioners tend to have a little knowledge in a lot of areas, but not a lot of knowledge in all areas. 

Most Real Estate Agents are like General Practitioners. They know a little about a lot of things, but are not specialists in any area. With a traditional business model, the larger an agent's business gets the less time the agent is able to spend with each client. That diminishes the traditional agent's focus, service and effectiveness. Top agents recognize this and want to continue providing a top notch experience. When we realize this, as agents, the natural progression is to form a team of Specialists. A Team allows each person to focus on specific skill they excel at, creates efficiency, creates effectiveness, and enhances the clients' experience. No transaction is ever simple. Thus the evolution of the Jeff Riley Team!

My Team Members:  

  • Team Leader - That's me. I'm the head of the team and direct the other Team Members daily and am always available to you. My passion is working with sellers, and listings are the heart of an agents business. I'm not shy about telling sellers what they need to hear, not always what they want to hear. It will be me negotiating directly with the buyer's agent and getting you top dollar. 
  • Executive Assistant - That's my right arm. She is in charge of our administrative staff and is the grease that makes it all work cohesively. She is largely responsible for facilitating all marketing efforts and will be in frequent contact with you. She keeps me abreast of everything that happens. 
  • Buyer Agents - I have a team of people that fill this role and stay busy just focusing on buyers. That allows them to not get distracted by being a real estate generalist and enhances the buyers' experience. We communicate daily to keep on the same page. They are also responsible for prospecting daily for new buyers for your home.
  • Closing Coordinator - This person takes over once the contract has been ratified and handles the delicate process all the way to the closing table. It has been said the easy part is getting the home under contract, but the hard part is getting it closed. This is where many agents drop the ball and the clients' experience is tarnished. On the average there are 28 people involved in the process between contract and closing. That's why I have someone just focused on that process, which includes coordinating inspections, obtaining repair bids, negotiating addendum, communicating with the attorney, paralegal, title company, loan officers, underwriters, processor, buyer's agent, appraiser, and so on. This person communicates with everyone on the team daily to keep us in the loop, including you. Once you experience working with a team that has a Closing Coordinator, you will never want to go through another transaction without one. 
  • Various other team members - In addition to the core of my team, there are many others who play a role such as photographers, sign installers, general contractors, and runners just to name a few. 


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